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2415 Scioto Harper Drive Columbus, OH, 43204


Sideswipe is a small operation dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients to craft dynamic, kick-ass beers in Columbus, Ohio. 

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Yoga - Beer - Donuts

  • Sideswipe Brewing 2419 Scioto Harper Drive Columbus, OH, 43204 United States (map)
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Yoga. It's supposed to be good for you, but who wants to go to a studio and do all that stretching? Not us. So we brought the Yoga to the brewery, and if you're going to get up before 4pm on a Sunday, you might as well grab some donuts on the way in. Awesome donuts. Like from DK Diner, a place known for donuts (It's what the "D" stands for, by the way. The K might stand for karate, or something, but that's not important.). So we've got Yoga. We've got donuts. We've got beer. Does this make the Yoga any less good for you? No. Because Yoga is all about achieving balance, and harmony in your life. What's life with out donuts? What's life without beer? Close your eyes and picture it. Sucks, doesn't it? Now open your eyes, and buy a ticket, so you can begin your journey on a path to enlightenment that includes donuts and beer. 15 bucks for a donut, a pint, and perfectly aligned chakras? Namaste.

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2415 Scioto Harper Dr.

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